Linksys WRT1900AC Serial Port.

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WRT1900AC Serial Port.

  • What do you need to login in serial mode to WRT1900AC?

  • Your PC or laptop running Windows or Linux with free USB or serial port

  • One serial to TTL USB or serial to TTL adapter Show

  • Putty software utility.

  • The router.......Show....Show

  • Philips screwdriver, medium size, don't need a picture ...

  • Unscrew the four bottom screws....Show

  • Pull the Blue Cover towards you....Show

  • Dismount the upper middle black cover....Show

  • Connect USB to TTL adapter to your PC and the cables to the white left side connector as described in these three pictures....Show....Show....Show ....Show

  • Power ON the router. Run Putty with settings 115200 baud, serial and you're connected to the router.....Show....Show